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ERP Services

Founders of 336Pros, Inc are experienced SAP specialists working through multiple implementations from Version 4.6C through S4. Having worked with SAP in several industries they developed the expertise to provide services through the life cycle of implementation, upgrade or support services.

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Consulting services

336Pros can come in at any phase of implementation and put in our qualified resources to supplement client resources. We can supplement our resources as needed and help clients progress through the implementation by adhering to deadlines.

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Implementation services

336Pros had built both technical and functional teams along with client resources to implement or add additional modules at a fast pace. We had developed best practices through various implementations which helps us to hit the ground on day one.

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Custom Development

336Pros has the necessary resources to service your technology development needs. Based on the nature and scope of work, the Global Delivery Model (GDM) will be leveraged accordingly optimizing the mix of onsite/offshore resources to deliver per project schedule, budget and quality standards.

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At 336Pros we specialize in industry-specific recruiting for permanent, temporary and contract jobs at all cadres. Our trained team of professionals has expertise in a wide variety of areas in the marketplace. That's why we can fill your openings with high-caliber individuals who can make a positive contribution to your firm. Our areas of specialization include Insurance, Banking, Finance, Marketing and IT.

At, 336Pros your specific needs are ascertained and then we start the search for a suitable candidate who possesses the talent, attributes and attitude to meet your needs. Besides qualification and experience, we ensure they possess traits like loyalty, dedication, and attitude. We will keep you apprised of the progress as we work. The search continues until you get the candidate of your choice.

How will I know what types of jobs suitable for me are available ?
Contact us and we will be in touch with you to find out more specifically what type of position you are interested in and appropriate career opportunities available. Search jobs

How can I be sure that secrecy is ensured
All communications with potential and active candidates are kept confidential. Your information will be restricted to those closely involved in your placement. Every precaution is taken to keep the confidentiality of you candidature.

Am I responsible for paying all or a portion of the placement fee?
No fee is collected from the candidate.

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